Drinks List

Drinks List

Drinks List
Happy hour 5 to 7 PM. Only in Absintherie Franz Kafka Square.
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New Absinth on our menu: Justifiée & Ancienne from Žufánek distillery

New Absinth on our menu: Justifiée & Ancienne from Žufánek distillery

This absinthe is based on a wine spirit that was distilled in 2013 and stored in oak barrels since then. The finest herbs were then added to this wine base and put back into a French oak barrel. The whole batch of Justifiée & Ancienne has been aged together in a single barrel.

Justifiée & Ancienne is not a rebranded Absinthe L’Ancienne, even though there are some similarities: the same wine spirit, selected herbs and the aging in a barrel. However, more herbs are used in the recipe for Justifiée & Ancienne, giving it a softer, more floral and herbal taste.

You can have it at 2100 CZK per bottle or 250 CZK per shot.

Original souvenir: T-shirt with special Absintherie print

Original souvenir: T-shirt with special Absintherie print

A funky souvenir you can take home from our Absintherie: Original T-shirts with our own designer prints! You cannot get these anywhere else! They will remind you of the great times you enjoyed in Prague ;) Several designs and colours, price 350 CZK.

Drink of the month: Absinth Zombie - A breeze from the Carribean in the Absintherie!

Drink of the month: Absinth Zombie - A breeze from the Carribean in the Absintherie!

Let us introduce Absinth Zombie, a twist of a well-known cocktail with the scent of the Carribean. It is a sweet-and-sour drink based on Absinth King of Spirits, with a touch of blackcurrant liqueur and passion fruit juice. It is served in a porcelain Tikki glass. It is one of the most popular drinks in our bar. 

Hidden talents revealed...

Hidden talents revealed...

One of the great things about working in a bar is meeting many interesting people. In the Absintherie even more so, as the Absinth has always attracted the attention of artists, musicians, painters, writers ... talented people of all kinds. This is a postcard gifted by one of our guests to one of our waitresses... Amazing!

A unique opportunity! Absinth King of Spirits Gold for an unbeatable price!

A unique opportunity! Absinth King of Spirits Gold for an unbeatable price!

Special March sale: A shot of the King of Spirits Gold absinth for only 300 CZK - usual price 500 CZK!

The King of Spirits Gold is unique especially thanks to its thujone content of 100mg/kg. This is the maximum amount allowed nowadays! Tasting the absinth will give you an idea of how the absinths tasted like in their golden era in the 19th century, before they were banned. Are you wondering how it all happened at that time with the prohibition? Read our article about the history of absinth on our website, or directly in Absintherie Jilska on the walls of the bar!

About Us

Dear guests,

Welcome to our Absintherie Bar and Museum.

The Absintherie Bar and Museum was opened several years ago, with the aim to introduce to you not only the taste of quality absinthe but also the correct way of its serving.  Our trained staff will be happy to answer any questions regarding all the products we offer in our Absintherie, and will show you how absinthe should be served.

Our mission is to disprove all the superstitions and myths about absinthe, green flying fairies and so on. Many people still believe that absinthe is something dangerous and forbidden. However, nowadays, absinthe is known as premium kind of spirits, produced as pure herbs distillate. This is why we aim to disprove all the rumours that absinthe must be green and drinking it will bring you strange sensations.

In our Absintherie, you can try about 60 kinds of absinthe. Based on these, we have also prepared special absinthe cocktails, absinthe ice-cream or slush. You can also get an absinthe beer, absinthe chocolate and other absinthe products. In other words, anyone can choose their favourite.  

Absintherie is not only a bar but also an absinthe museum. We are one of the biggest collectors of absinthe and related objects in Central Europe.  In our museum, you can find about 250 different bottles from all around the world. A few of the exhibits are for sale, although most of the bottles cannot be found in the market anymore, and you can only see them in our Absinthe museum. We also have on display other objects such as fountains, special glasses, strainers and other tools used for absinthe serving.  

On top of all that, you will also find an absinthe shop in our Absintherie. You can buy the whole bottles to take away, serving tools or little souvenirs to remind you of your visit in this extraordinary place.

You can visit us either in Jilska Street or at Namesti Franze Kafky. Each of the bars has a slightly different atmosphere, which is why you are welcome to visit both of the premises. In the Absintherie in Jilska street, we also hold regular exhibitions of paintings or photographs, and on some days you can enjoy your evening accompanied by live music thanks to our excellent pianist. Therefore, even if you have already visited us, you are more than welcome to come anytime again.

 We are looking forward to your visit and are wishing you an amazing absinthe experience.

Opening Times

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Absintherie Jilská

Jilská 7, 110 00 Praha - Staré Město
GPS: 50°05'6,95"N 14°25'8,43"E

Absintherie Náměstí Franze Kafky

U Radnice 14/8, Náměstí Franze Kafky
110 00 Praha - Staré Město
GPS: 50°5'15,03"N 14°25'9,43"E


Absintherie Franz Kafka square
Tel: 273 132 612 E-mail: absintherie@absint.cz
Responsible manager: Jiří Kořínek
Absintherie Jilská street
Tel: 224 251 999 E-mail: absintherie@absint.cz
Responsible manager: Jiří Kořínek