Catering services

Our company’s activity is not limited only to our bars. Due to an increasing interest in absinth-themed events, we have also started to run catering services. We are ready to prepare an absinth party for you anywhere in the Czech Republic. We are able to provide all accessories needed for serving of absinth and satisfy your refined taste buds.

Our services:

  • Professional staff for presentation of absinth
  • Personnel for the event
  • Providing all accessories for serving of absinth
  • Preparing the bar for absinth service/Providing the whole bar
  • Providing all absinth products: absinths, absinthe beer, absinthe chocolate, absinth ice-cream, cocktails, herbs from absinth maceration for the purposes of presentation

In case of enquiries, please call or email us.

Are you interested in our catering? Contact us.


I agree with processing of my personal data I have selected for the purposes of offering business and services. Consent is voluntarily given for 10 years from the day it is provided and can be withdrawn at any time at absintherie@absint.cz. Protection of personal data.

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